Productive, Independent and Forthright


Providing Excellent Public Service

As was the case when my tenure as the City of Oceanside’s City Treasurer began in January of 2017, my basic goals as City Treasurer will continue to be to provide excellent public service, provide daily oversight and accountability, assure City Treasurer’s Office operations are conducted as transparently and as forthrightly as possible under existing state and local statutes, collaboratively develop and implement solutions to the challenges we face together as citizens, stay aware and productively engaged, and remain nonpartisan as I do all I’m able to fulfill my duties as City Treasurer, in service to my fellow City of Oceanside citizens.


Maintaining Independent Oversight

As City Treasurer, I primarily served in an important independent oversight capacity.  I functioned as the Treasurer for the City, Community Development Commission, the Oceanside Harbor District and the Oceanside Public Financing Authority.  I oversaw the day-to-day management of the City's $350-million-plus primary investment portfolio, ensuring this fund was protected, ample liquidity to meet the City's budgeted expenditures was maintained, and optimal investment income was generated within the parameters of prudent risk management. 

Please see

I also served on the Board of Authority overseeing the City’s IRS Section 115 pension stabilization trust, which was established as part of an initiative developed during my tenure among the City Manager, the Financial Services Director and the City Treasurer to address the City’s pension liability.  This trust is one part of a multi-pronged approach the City of Oceanside adopted to address our pension liability.  

Finally, I had the distinct honor of serving as the ex-officio chairperson of the City of Oceanside Citizen Investment Oversight Committee.


Building on Accomplishments and Setting Improvement-focused Goals

When I first assumed office as the City of Oceanside City Treasurer, I established a series of improvement-focused goals, all of which were either met or toward which significant progress was been made.

For the 2018-19 fiscal year, among my goals as City Treasurer were:

(A) Maintain the City’s primary investment portfolio in compliance with the City’s Investment Policy and attain an average annual portfolio yield that is equal to or greater than the applicable benchmark level.

(B) Maintain active collaboration with the City Manager and the City’s Financial Services Director to identify and implement solutions for general-fund- and capital-improvements-program-impact issues, including, but not limited to:

a. The City’s unfunded pension liability; and

b. Unfunded and under-funded City project financing.

(C) Maintain the City Treasurer’s direct daily oversight of and engagement in all City Treasurer’s Office operations and decision making.

(D) Maintain professional development opportunities, and funding to support same, for City Treasurer’s Office staff.

(E) In collaboration with the City’s Financial Services Director, increase the City Treasurer’s direct oversight of management of the City’s bonded debt and special assessment districts.

(F) Build on the excellent history of the City Treasurer’s Office in facilitating gross bond debt service savings and net present value savings by pursuing bond refinancing opportunities. (From 2013 to 2017, the City realized over $20 million in gross debt service savings and over $12 million in net present value savings through bond refinancing).

(G) In collaboration with the City Attorney, the City Manager and the City’s Financial Services Director, increase the City Treasurer’s direct oversight of retained bond counsel performance and secure the City Treasurer’s participation in the bond counsel selection process.

(H) Maintain the City Treasurer’s direct daily oversight of the City’s IRS Section 115 Pension Stabilization Trust (PST) and membership on the PST’s Board of Authority (this process was developed and implemented during my tenure as City Treasurer).

(I) Implement participation in and daily oversight of the City’s investment in the San Diego County Treasurer’s Pooled Investment Fund (SDCPIF), as approved by the City Council (as a result of another initiative I developed and pursued during my tenure as City Treasurer to increase the rate of return on the City’s investments, while prudently managing risk and maintaining necessary liquidity).

(J) Increase duty-related educational opportunities for Citizen Investment Oversight Committee (CIOC) members.

(K) While maintaining appropriate expertise representation, further diversify CIOC membership, to better reflect the City’s population (continuing a process I developed and implemented during my tenure as City Treasurer). 

It was my privilege and pleasure to serve as the City of Oceanside City Treasurer.  My overarching goal was to serve with honesty, integrity, honor, genuine independence (I was not beholden to any other elected office holder, any donor, any organization or any political party) and transparency.  The citizens of Oceanside deserve no less.

City Treasurer Service Qualifications


Relevant Post-Secondary Educational Credentials



Major in Leadership, Graduated with a 4.0 GPA



Master of International Affairs

Specialization in International Finance and Banking



Master of Science

Major in Policy, Planning and Administration



Certificate in Fund Raising

Specialization in the Institutional Development Process



Bachelor of Arts

Double major in Political Science and History, Graduated with High Honors

Primary Professional Investment and Finance Leadership Experience

President and Chief Executive Officer, Oceanside Promise

City Treasurer, City of Oceanside 

President, Comanche Nation College 

President and Chief Executive Officer, Sisseton Wahpeton College 

Vice President of Planning and Institutional Development, College of the Marshall Islands 


Vice President of Student Services, College of the Marshall Islands 

Executive Director of Development and External Relations, Citrus Community College District 

President and Chief Executive Officer, California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation 

Economist, International Finance Department, Federal Reserve Bank of New York 

President, Greater Pacific Planning and Effectiveness Group 

Sample Public Service Leadership

Board of Directors Member and Treasurer, Oceanside Promise

Commissioner, City of Oceanside Housing Commission


Board of Directors Member and Treasurer, Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence

Board Member, American Indian Higher Education Consortium

Executive Body Member, Republic of the Marshall Islands HIV/STD/TB National Advisory Committee 

Founder and Board Member, Foundation for College Access Services

Board Member, Coyote Canyon Caballos d’Anza

Council of International Advisors Member, University College of the Caribbean

Board Member, Kiwanis Club of Glendora

Board Member, Rotary Club of Palos Verdes Sunset

Partners Board Member, Weingart Center Association

Stephen S. Goodspeed Intern, Vice Chancellor, Student and Community Affairs, University of California, Santa Barbara

Fruits of Life and Service

Blessed Spouse of Barbara Lee Hamilton, Esq., Assistant City Attorney, City of Oceanside (Married for 33 Years)

Proud Father of Sydney (28), Conal (25) and Spencer (22)

Delighted Grandfather of Aniyah (Four) and Gregory (Two)

Grateful Steward to Maisy (Our Border Collie, Black Labrador Retriever and Chow Mix Rescue) and Daisy (Our Yellow Labrador Retriever Rescue)

Rewarded First-generation College Student and Graduate


Honored Holder of a Lifetime California Community College Instructor Credential in Government


Because the City of Oceanside City Treasurer serves in an independent, nonpartisan elected capacity, Dr. Trickey did not seek, nor did he accept, an endorsement from any political party or any other partisan political organization.

For the November 2018 election, Dr. Trickey was honored and humbled to have been endorsed by the following public-service- and public-benefit-focused organizations:

Oceanside Firefighters (Oceanside Firefighters' Association Local 3736)--Please see and

Lincoln Club of San Diego County--Please see

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest--Please see

Minimum Qualifications to Serve as City Treasurer

The City of Oceanside has established a series of "minimum qualifications" for City Treasurer service.  Dr. Trickey either meets or exceeds every qualification required to serve as the City of Oceanside's City Treasurer.  Please see:

These qualifications include:



Knowledge of

● Principles and methods of public finance administration

● Principles and methods of supervision and management

● Integration of computer software applications. 

Accounting and auditing principles and practices

State and federal law affecting fiscal operations, reporting and resource management

● Principles and practices of internal and operations auditing. 

Ability to

Plan, organize, direct and coordinate the fiscal and accounting operations of the City

Properly interpret and make complex financial decisions in accordance with appropriate laws, regulations and policies

● Develop, implement and administer programs that maximize revenue and reimbursement from all sources and administer automated data gathering, processing and reporting systems. 

● Analyze complex financial problems, procedures and fiscal controls

Prepare, review and interpret complex financial reports, summaries and data

Read, interpret and apply complex laws, rules and regulations

Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing

● Plan, organize, direct and evaluate the work of others. 

Establish and maintain effective working relationships and provide excellent customer service

Experience and Training 

Experience: Five years of increasingly responsible public agency financial management and supervisory experience

Training: Bachelor’s degree in finance, public administration, business administration or a closely related field. A Master’s degree and/or CPA are highly desirable

License: A current, valid, California driver’s license."

Support Independent Oversight

Self-funded to Maintain Independence


Not Accepting Donations

Because the City Treasurer serves in a critical oversight capacity and is independent and nonpartisan, Dr. Trickey will not accept donations during his 2020 campaign to continue serving as the City of Oceanside City Treasurer.  

He is self-funded.

Thank You for Voting

Your support at the ballot box in 2020 will be greatly appreciated and recognized through Dr. Trickey's continuing provision of excellent and Independent public service as the City of Oceanside City Treasurer.  

Every vote, in every race, on every issue, matters.  Your vote matters.  

Thank you--it again will be my privilege and pleasure to serve you!